The situation in Egypt is very fluid. The protests that have been going on for days appear at the point at which they may very well topple the regime. At the beginning of the demonstrations, I wholeheartedly supported the call for greater freedoms and democracy. I eagerly watched as the Egyptian people finally found their voice and decided to end a tyranny that they have suffered under for many decades.

However, as the government appears at the point of toppling, I am beginning to think about what comes next. Who will fill the vacuum left by the ruling party? It is no secret that the Muslim Brotherhood is the most organized political force in Egypt. It is also no secret that the entire political platform of the Muslim Brotherhood is based on religious discrimination.

They openly call for the supremacy of Islam and the inferiority of all other religions. They also call for a system of law that relegates non-Muslims to second class status. I will not go into the details of their political platform, any interested party can read about their thoughts from their own literature. But I find their ideas deplorable.

At this junction in history, I hope that the Egyptian people do not choose to replace one form of tyranny with another. Do not choose to deny equal rights to 10-20% of your country men and women. We deserve to be treated as equals. I hope this thought is kept in mind as we go forward.

I look forward to a constitution that recognizes the absolute equality of all citizens regardless of religious affiliation. I wish to live in a country where my citizenship is not subject to my religion. I hope that my fellow Egyptians keep their religion between themselves and their God, it has no place in politics.

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