I have been watching the National Egyptian TV for a different perspective on what is going on. What I have seen is a ridiculous and extremely weak attempt to silence the voice of the people. As thousands gather in Tahrir Square (with the opposition hoping to gather at least a million protesters), the national TV has gone into full propaganda mode.

In a previous post, I said that I do not buy the conspiracy theories that claim that prisons were purposely opened up and prisoners allowed to roam the country in an attempt by the regime to divert attention from the protests. I am now beginning to believe it.

All the national TV does is keep repeating the mantra that protesters should stay at home to protect them from these escapees. They are purposely trying to scare the population from participating in a protest. This is a terror tactic. The definition of terrorism is the use of scare tactics to achieve political gains, which is exactly what the government is trying to do on national TV.

Another mantra that they keep repeating is that those gathering in Tahrir Square are “not real Egyptians” and that they contain “foreign elements and spies”. Yeah right. Like we haven’t heard that one before. Do you think that the Egyptian people still buy this garbage?

I cannot remember a single problem that you have not blamed on “foreign elements and spies” or “none Egyptians”. Sorry, you will need to find another excuse. This one has run its course. What is infuriating is the implied message that any person who does not support the current regime is automatically a foreign agent and spy.

You know what? There is nothing wrong with foreigners and there is nothing in Egypt to spy on. You are not addressing children, we are adults and will not fall for your ridiculous claims. Get used to it.

Another infuriating thing that I have seen on TV, is people calling for nationalist songs and Egyptian flags as a solution to the current crisis. Really? So, you think that the best way to face a nation-wide call for freedom and democracy is to stay at home listening to nationalist songs and waving Egyptian flags? That is the extent of your contribution? Do you think that doing this will somehow magically address issues of political freedoms, unemployment, corruption and oppression?

It appears that all people working in the national Egyptian TV (actually the TV of the regime seems a more appropriate name for it, since it has no notion of nationalism) were dropped on their heads as children. Or, alternatively, they think that the rest of the Egyptian population were dropped on their heads.

The arrogance of those who assume that the country is represented in the person of a certain individual is astounding. It reminds me of the French monarch who said “I am the state”. Nationalism does not mean that we have to support a government that has violated our freedoms and oppressed the country for decades. In fact, nationalism would require that we oppose such a government in order to obtain a better future for our country.

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