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The singularity: Evolution or Mass Suicide?

I’ve recently read a book on the so-called singularity, the point in human development when our science would have reached

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My problem with conspiracy theorists

I have a problem with conspiracy theorists. I find their view of the world to be completely wrapped and distorted.


On Coups, Fascism, Broken Promises, and the Rule of Law

Right, I had promised myself not to get involved in politics any more. Those of you who have been following


Web services client using Mono and C#

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a technical post, or any post actually, so forgive me if I’m a

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The good old days

I’ve been recently having bouts of nostalgia about my childhood, and so, with a bit of encouragement from my Facebook

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This is not cultural shock, this is cultural illiteracy

If you have looked at my blog before, you probably know about my struggle to integrate fully into Egyptian culture.