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What I put into Evernote and how I organize it

In this post, I’ll talk about how I organize Evernote to make finding stuff easier. I use Evernote on a


Processing Todo and Calendar Events Using Drafts

There is a more updated version of the code in this article written to keep up with the changes in

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What to review in the weekly review

I’ve previously mentioned on this blog that the weekly review is one of the core features of GTD — in

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Deep work and how I use it

I’ve shared with you, on this blog and on my YouTube channel, how I use GTD to get myself organized.

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Sharing short links to WhatsApp

I’ve often found myself needing to send a link to a friend, family member or colleague over WhatsApp. I’ve also

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Evernote Search

Introduction Evernote encourages you to make it a dumping ground for all your notes — this includes email you forward