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Why is digital media different?

I have a grievance against international media companies. They have a very strange policy of not selling their products in certain geographical regions. There are many services that I would like to subscribe to, but cannot because I am located in Egypt.

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District 9: A SciFi movie with deeper meaning

I am a huge fan of the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre (both movies and books). While there are many science fiction novels that address social issues, the genre has never been considered “serious” art. This despite the fact that science fiction has always been used as social commentary.

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I think, therefore I am — but I might be dreaming

I watched the movie Inception a couple of weeks or so ago and, ever since, have been immersed, albeit passively, in the online debate about whether or not the last scene was a dream. Some of my Facebook acquaintances are rather passionately convinced that the last scene is a dream (yes, I mean you Abdallah 🙂 ).…

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