Why I am against Morsi’s declaration

I am writing this post to document my objection to the latest constitutional declaration announced by Egypt’s president Mohammed Morsi. My

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My isolation bubble and why I keep myself there

I am Egyptian. That, in itself, should tell you a lot. My country has gone through a lot. At first,


He who has ears, let him hear

Once upon a time in Germany, an ultra-nationalist and extreme right wing party, the Nazi party, came to power. The

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The saga continues…

Those of you who know me, probably know that I have a problem with rent controlled tenants in my apartment building.


Why abandon nuclear energy?

Ever since the Fukushima nuclear disaster, there seems to be a global trend towards phasing out nuclear energy. A lot

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Wall-e Ending Credits — A Work of Art

There are some movies that have you running out of the theatre as soon as the credits roll, and there