1. You do not join a revolution until you see that it is winning, and then you try to position yourself as a major player in the revolution.
  2. When the revolution is threatened by the people holding transitional power, you do not object and, worse, ask your members not to participate in protests against this mismanagement because the result, if left uncorrected, will be in your favor.
  3. You object to a statement of civil rights principles because this will detract from your ability to impose your agenda on the people.
  4. When said civil rights principles expand to include articles that give the current transitional powers a continued presence, you demonstrate for one day because this also detracts from your ability to impose your agenda on the people.
  5. When other political forces join this demonstration and continue demonstrating against the transitional power because of it’s mismanagement of the transition to democracy, you leave them and withdraw because this might delay the sham elections which you know you will win.
  6. Not only do you withdraw, but you bad mouth the protesters and try to suck-up to the transitional power by saying that you support their continued existence in their current position.
  7. Next, you try to divert attention from the protests against the transitional power by trying to create a completely ridiculous parallel protest for a Palestinian issue, thus attempting to distract attention from the glaring flaws in the transition to democracy.
Can you guess who you are?

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