First, I would like to say that Facebook’s new Timeline is awesome. It is a beautifully designed profile upgrade. The innovation momentum has moved back to Facebook and away from Google +. The “Smart Lists” feature brought Facebook up to speed with Google +, and today’s announcements moved it way ahead of Google +. It is now Google’s turn to play catch-up.

However, I am extremely disappointed in the choice of media partners announced today. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why Facebook would choose to partner with major media players like Hulu, Spotify and Netflix, but none of these services allow access from Egypt. I have previously voiced my objections to this weird model that excludes me from consuming content based on my geographical location.

I was disappointed to learn that I will be locked out of some cool Facebook features because the companies they chose to partner with refuse to sell me their services. When will digital content be legally available in Egypt? This is very irritating.

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