I don’t know if this is the general case or if this is just a personal idiosyncrasy, but I have discovered that my mobile web accessing pattern is different from my normal PC based web browsing. On the PC, it feels normal to access a certain web-page and spend a lot of time on that page consuming content — I find that this access pattern is the same regardless of the type of website I visit. Whether it is a social media site like twitter or facebook, or a more traditional website, I find that I typically spend a lot of time on a single site when I am on my PC.

When I access the web from my phone, however, I find that my viewing patterns change significantly. Maybe it is the small screen, or maybe its all those push notifications arriving, but I find myself spending less time on one particular site, but visiting many more pages (either through the built-in browser or through dedicated apps) than I do on my PC.

This peekaboo consumption pattern seems more natural on mobile devices. Has anybody else seen this discrepancy between fixed and mobile web browsing? Also, if this is true for a lot of people, what does it mean for online advertising? Interesting, will see if Google has anything to say about this.

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