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What you should always have in your car

I have previously posted about my everyday carry keychain and what I put on it. In this post, I will


An explanation of two factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security measure used to protect user accounts from unauthorized access. It requires users to provide

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How to securely delete files from your hard disks

All computers eventual come to the end of their useful life. Whether absolutely, by becoming obsolete and incapable of running

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Best Shows on Amazon Prime

This is a continuation of the my series of posts on the best entertainment available on streaming services that are

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Combining HTML, CSS and Python for a better visual appearance on grades website

In a previous blog post, I explained how I set up a basic website to allow my students to see

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Best Browser Extensions for Privacy in 2023

This post is part of a series on personal cybersecurity, following my previous posts on encrypting everything and protecting online