A few years ago, I wrote about why I switched from OSN to Netflix. At the time, OSN did not have a streaming app, and the way they offered content did not match the way I consumed it. Now that OSN has a streaming app, I have been a subscriber for quite some time.

I’ve noticed that many visits to my blog are for that previous blog post, and since the information it contained is only about the OSN cable channels, and given that OSN now has a streaming service, I think it’s time for me to create a new article that reflects the current reality.

As mentioned above, I now subscribe to OSN streaming, as well as Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video (the last as a side effect of my subscription to Amazon Prime for one-day delivery of products).

The main reason to subscribe to different services is that the streaming market has become segmented. Instead of having all shows on one platform, each intellectual property holder is trying to win the “streaming wars” by making their content exclusive to their platform.

This means that the decision you make about which service to subscribe to depends on the types of shows you want to watch. OSN is perhaps the only one of the services, to the best of my knowledge, that does not produce original content, but rather streams shows produced by other content providers.

For example, the main reason I subscribe to Disney Plus is to watch shows and movies in the Star Wars franchise. I am a huge fan of this franchise, and this is the only place I can access all the content in the same place. Their ownership of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe intellectual property is also a draw for me.

I love Netflix mainly for its original programming, like “Stranger Things,” “Squid Game,” and so on. Their content contains many gems, there are many misses, but there are also many gems that are well worth the subscription.

I subscribe to Apple TV mainly for “Ted Lasso” and their take on Asimov’s “Foundation” series. What about OSN? What are the reasons to subscribe to that service? OSN streaming has a solid library of content available for streaming, but the reason that I remain a subscriber is their HBO content. To the best of my knowledge, no other service in the region will allow me to stream “Game of Thrones” or “House of the Dragon.” It is their exclusive ownership of the HBO library for streaming in the region, Middle East and North Africa, that keeps me a subscriber.

So, in 2023, which service should you subscribe to? If I had to make only one choice, I would very reluctantly choose Netflix. Simply because it has a larger library of content I am interested in and produces many original shows and movies that are great to watch. I wouldn’t want to miss gems like “The Queen’s Gambit.” However, I would be very tempted to subscribe to OSN at least for as long as it took me to binge “Game of Thrones” and “House of the Dragon.”

If you are more invested in the shows of HBO, and there are many very good shows there, you may prefer to choose OSN Streaming over Netflix. The choice comes down to what content you are more invested in. In the end, I decided to subscribe to both.

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