A year or so ago there were no rivals to OSN. If you wanted to watch new movies and TV shows in Egypt, you would have had to shell out for an OSN account. At the time, their prices were reasonable. When I first subscribed to their service, my Premier subscription, the one that gave me access to tonnes of channels and HD content cost me about 370LE per month. I don’t remember the exact figure, but it was somewhere in that range. At the time I was still preparing my house for my upcoming marriage and I thought that this would be a a worthwhile investment.

After a year passed, they increased the subscription to about 450LE per month. Still I thought that it was reasonable, especially since the free to air channels in Egypt left much to be desired and offered virtually no HD content. But then Netflix debuted, and caused me to question the need for OSN. For just 92LE per month, I get content that I like, in HD, in a format that allows me to binge watch series that I get addicted to.

Not only is Netflix way more affordable than OSN, it is also more suited to my viewing habits — binge watching over the weekend. Still I clung unto my OSN subscription out of sentimental reasons, I did not want to lose the channels I had grown accustomed to assuming that I could watch when I wanted to. Even if I had not watched those channels for over a year.

But OSN made a decision that helped me make up my mind, it increased it’s fees yet again to over 500LE, I believe it was 550LE or so. At that price range, there was absolutely no sentimental value I could hold on to. I barely watched it anyway, Netflix had become my addiction as I binge watched shows like Arrow, Gilmore Girls, Narcos and many, many more. OSN seemed to be a superfluous investment that brought me no benefits. I summarize the main benefits of Netflix below

  1. It is more suited to my viewing habits, allowing me to binge watch episodes whenever it pleased me
  2. It is vastly more affordable
  3. It’s searchable content allows me to search for the show or movie I want rather than being stuck with a broadcasting schedule
  4. It allowed me to view my content on any number of TVs (two at a time on my plan), while OSN tied me to only one TV
  5. It contained more interesting and original content that I could not find anywhere else

In short, Netflix wins hands down. If you have a good internet connection, definitely thinks about dropping OSN and getting Netflix, because unless OSN comes up with better features to justify their completely overprice lineup, I see no reason to shell out over 400LE more for their subscription.

This was a comparison of OSN’s cable channel and Netflix, for a comparison of OSN Plus (the streaming service) and Netflix, please click here.

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