If you’ve been following my blog, you will probably know that I have transitioned most of my working tools to digital versions a long time ago. I’ve been using digital task managers, note taking software, cloud storage and calendars for many years now.

This has allowed me to move more smoothly into the routine of working from home. All of my files are in dropbox, organized into folders that makes it easy for me to find them.

When I transitioned to working from home, I did not need to make a copy of my files from my work computer, all I needed was to open my personal devices and my files where there ready for me to work on. Of course, I had previously used selective sync to keep some work files off my personal computer to save space, but it was an easy matter to download them and add them to the synced files on my computers.

Similarly, I keep my calendar in Google Calendar, with a Fantastical 3 interface on my iOS and Mac devices, so it was relatively easy for me to keep track of my appointments, deadlines and other information kept in my calendar.

Ditto for my tasks, I had them all stored and synced in my todoist account, so there were ready to go when I logged into todoist from my home computers. As were my Evernote notes — both work related and personal.

Being mainly digital in my personal organization allowed me to transition smoothly to working from home. I strongly advice you to look into transitioning to digital tools, it will make your life easier and prepare you for any future events similar to this one. To help you get going, here is the link to my post on my digital tools and how I use them.

Hope everything remains in good health, stay safe.

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