So, I wrote an earlier post about how I use Bear as an intermediary between Workflow and Drafts 5 in order to post to WordPress.

I did this because I couldn’t find any action in Workflow that allowed me to access text from Drafts 5 — the action exists for Drafts 4, but not Drafts 5.

So I moved text from Drafts into Bear, then called Workflow to get the text and post to my blog.

What I seem to have completely overlooked is that I can call Workflow directly from Drafts 5 and pass it the text of a note as input. No need for all the shenanigans I went through in my last post. Here are the steps you need to do:

  • Install the post to WordPress workflow
  • Create a custom action on Drafts 5 that calls that workflow and pass it the text of the Draft

That’s it. As I learn more about both Drafts 5 and Workflow, I’ll probably refine my use of the apps. If I find anything interesting I’ll post here.