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Will one tyranny be replaced by another?

The situation in Egypt is very fluid. The protests that have been going on for days appear at the point at which they may very well topple the regime. At the beginning of the demonstrations, I wholeheartedly supported the call for greater freedoms and democracy. I eagerly watched as the Egyptian people finally found their…

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What happened in Egypt — as I see it.

I spent my childhood and youth in Nigeria, where my father worked as part of a medical mission to Africa. During my stay there, I witnessed many political and ethnic conflicts. The last of which led to our departure from the country. During these conflicts, people would riot in the streets, burn property and loot…

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Is this really social justice?

All Egyptians are taught to recognize the July 23 Revolution as the point at which social justice was finally implemented in Egypt. Literature and film produced following the revolution portraits pre-revolution Egypt as a dysfunctional society where a foreign class of rich land owners (they are usually portrayed as either Turkish or Albanian) oppressed native…

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