Curriculum Vitae
Sherif F. Fahmy

I am a university professor in the computer engineering field. I currently teach at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the AASTMT, my alma mattar. I obtained my PhD in 2010 from Virginia Tech in the field of Distributed Real-time Systems. I am interested in conducting research in distributed systems, real-time systems and big data analysis.

I am also interested in conducting lectures and seminars on the aforementioned topics and working on graduation projects involving the above topics as well as parallel algorithms design and implementation.


Virginia Tech, PhD in Computer Engineering, GPA 4.0 out of 4.0, Distributed Real-Time Systems, 2010

AASTMT, MSc in Computer Engineering, GPA 4.0. out of 4.0, Gait Recognition from Surveillance Videos, 2005

AASTMT, BSc in Computer Engineering, GPA 4.0 out of 4.0, 2002

Dr. Sherif Fadel Fahmy


POSIX Programming

Programming of POSIX compliant applications on Unix systems.

University Level Teaching

Teaching undergraduate and post-graduate level university courses. Experience in field of over 15 years.

Web site development

Website development.

Linux Kernel Development

Contributed to development of experimental real-time linux kernel ChronOS.